The award-winning 3rd edition of baby daze is chock full of exciting updates to help new and expectant parents stay sane.

Peace of mind.  What could be better for a new or expectant parent?  But, sleep deprivation tends to arrive right along with a newborn and can make caring for a new baby very challenging.  baby daze is the tool for new parents to help them stay sane.  The only book of its kind designed by a professional organizer (and amateur mom) with the specific needs of new parents in mind.

It easily and efficiently helps new parents combat much of the chaos that ensues when a newborn comes home.  8 sections quickly and efficiently empower parents to record all the vital “baby data” that they can’t remember, but can’t afford to forget.

Designed to easily work with twins, triplets and beyond, this easy-to-use logbook enables parents to track when your baby sleeps, eats and more can bring some much-needed peace-of-mind to what can be a chaotic period.  It’s the perfect tool for the full-time parent, or if there are other caregivers involved (in-laws, nannies or even babysitters).

This is the ideal tool to take to pediatrician visits.  Knowing exactly how often your child sleeps, eats, etc instead of a foggy memory, can make for more successful doctor’s visits.  Plus, you’ll have a centralized spot to keep track of immunizations, growth measurements and questions for (and answers from) your doctor.

The worksheets are super simple to use, but just in case, all have sample sections to get you started and feature Dazey, your tot-sized tour guide who offers simple instructions. The book is designed for daily use and can be easily plopped into a diaper bag, purse or stroller bag for easy transport.

baby daze is a perfect gift for the first-time parent and an ideal baby shower gift.

the advantages of baby daze 

  • The sleep section has been completely overhauled.  It now provides an easy-to-use graphing system that, almost immediately, visually identifies your child’s sleep patterns as they develop.  Now you’ll be able to have a better sense of when your baby wants to nap, go to sleep or might wake up.
  • baby daze now comes encased in a junior-sized 3-ring binder that allows you to modify the book as you see fit.  you can easily order refills on our site here as needed.
  • The recycled plastic binder is very durable, able to stand up to the rough and tumble nature of life in a diaper bag or in a nursery.
  • Printed on recycled paper here in the U.S.
  • Awarded the PTPA Media Award (Parent Tested Parent Approved)