What is baby daze®?

baby daze is an easy-to-use logbook for parents to track the basic, but important, details of their new baby’s (or babies’) life.  During the early, anxious days of parenthood, knowing when your baby sleeps, eats and poops can bring some much-needed peace-of-mind to what can be a chaotic period.  That’s where baby daze can help.

baby daze is broken out into several sections that tackle common, daily, baby-related issues confronting parents.  In it you’ll find easy-to-use forms to track:

·         Feeding & Diapering     ·         Sleeping                              ·         Gift Tracking         ·         Medical

·         Pumping                         ·       Contact Information              ·         Food Diary            ·         Milestones

The eight worksheets are super simple to use, but, just in case, all have sample sections to get you started.  The book is designed for daily use and can be easily plopped into a diaper bag, purse or stroller bag for easy transport.

I already have a baby book, why do I need baby daze®?

baby daze® is NOT a keepsake baby book.  It doesn’t have any sections to keep a lock of hair, a footprint or a birth certificate.  It does have sections to record feeding, diapering, sleeping, milestones, gifts received and other baby-related details that consume a new parent’s day.  Many new parents find themselves worrying about how much their baby eats, needs a diaper change and or if they had sent everyone a thank-you note.  These details disappear into the recesses of their sleep-deprived brains, causing needless anxiety during an already anxious time.  baby daze can help keep track of this information and keep the anxiety in check.

How long do I have to use baby daze®?

You can use baby daze® for 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months.  The time period is up to you and your level of comfort.  Each section is independent, so you can track sleeping for 3 months, but only keep a record of 3 weeks of feeding and diapering.  Many of the sections (e.g. the gift tracker and milestones) can be used as needed.  The book is designed to be flexible to the parents needs to help lessen not increase the anxiety.

Can I use baby daze® if I’m not breastfeeding?

Certainly.  The forms are designed for either bottle-feeding or breastfeeding.

What if I have twins?

No problem.  All of the forms in baby daze® have alternating shaded and unshaded lines to enable parents to keep track of two babies with one book (e.g. baby A is always tracked on the unshaded row, Baby B is always tracked in the shaded row).

What are the sections in baby daze®?

Feeding & Diapering  
Keeping track of what goes in – and what comes out – of your baby and a few other details can help answer many questions new parents ponder.  Knowing when and how much your baby eats or poops can help ease an anxious mind.

Many parents discuss their child’s sleeping habits; this section helps you keep tabs on your baby’s actual sleeping patterns as they develop.  As your child gets older, you’ll be able to see their naps grow less frequent and their overnight sleeping periods grow longer.

If you’re breastfeeding, then this section may be up your alley.  This form can help you figure out the best time to pump and also catch any trends such as an increase or decrease in your milk supply.

There are many little things that babies do that sometimes don’t quite make it to the official keepsake baby book.  This section gives you plenty of space to record the first smile, first full night’s sleep or even the first trip to a restaurant (even if they’re not awake).

It is common to receive a sizeable number of gifts from baby showers and after your child is born.  Sleep-deprived parents getting used to having a baby may find keeping track of who sent what and if a thank-you card was sent to be a challenging task.  This gift-tracking tool gives parents an easy way to note all the gifts that arrive and when a note was sent.

This section enables the parent(s) to track critical data in a centralized place.  Three logs in this section help you record immunizations, growth measurements and a place to jot down questions (and answers) for the pediatrician at the next appointment.

Food Diary    
If you are breastfeeding, you don’t need too many more calories in your diet (only 400 or so more), but you may notice that some foods cause reactions in your child.  For instance, broccoli can make some babies gassy.  Writing down what you eat can help you pinpoint what is causing a reaction.  Being able to quickly identify a troublesome food can be helpful as you make adjustments to your diet.

Contact Forms    
This is an organized place for all of the emergency information you should post around the house.  Fill the form out once and make enough copies to have handy.  Give them out so the important people in your baby’s life have all the necessary numbers.

What are some of the other features of baby daze®?

To make the book simple to use, the book features Dazey, a tot-sized tour-guide, who explains how each form can be used.  At the start of each section, Dazey offers short, easy-to-follow directions on how to use that form.

A notes section is also included in the back of the book for jotting down information that doesn’t fit into any of the other areas of the books.  This is a good place to jot down to-do lists, websites to check out and other bits of information you need to remember.

How can I order baby daze®?

baby daze can be ordered on amazon.com.  Click on the image on the right to order your copy.

Can I order refills for my baby daze 3rd edition binder?

Yes, you can order a set of refills for $5 (not including S&H).  Just click on “Contact Us” on any of this site’s pages and request a set of refills.  You will receive a complete set of refills (all 8 sections).  We are not able to offer refills on individual sections at this time.  Please provide a mailing address and an PayPal email address to which we will send an invoice prior to shipment.