baby daze

An organizer for sleep-deprived parents

Are you expecting a baby or have you recently welcomed one into the world?

Is your head is swimming a little bit with all the information and stuff that you suddenly have in front of you?

Take a breath and a minute to read some of these helpful (and short!) articles by Lynne Tapper, co-author of baby daze and professional organizer.  She helps provide some sanity-saving tips and tricks that almost any new or expectant parent can use.






Designed to work with twins

Designed by a professional organizer and mother of two


Makes a great baby shower gift

Old-school and proud of it.  Using paper, pen, and pencils to create a completely practical keepsake.

Organizational tool for new and expectant parents

Co-author Lynne Tapper and her son show the baby daze logbook (2nd edition).  Lynne is an organizer, mom, and triathlete (not necessarily in that order).  She used the baby daze logbook with both of her kids.

Blog Articles For New & Expectant Parents

Third Trimester To-Do List for Expectant Moms

Third Trimester To-Do List for Expectant Moms

So, there you are, pregnant, in the third trimester, the home stretch, the last mile, the final ultrasound, and you’re feeling pretty good as you review you the mental pre-baby checklist.  Set up the nursery?  Check.  Pack bag for the hospital?  Check.  Choose a name for the baby?  Check (maybe).  Just in case you find yourself worrying that chaos lurks around the corner, here are a few things to get organized before you head off to the hospital.

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Manage the Hospital Horde After Delivery

Manage the Hospital Horde After Delivery

Sometime after your baby is born, you will be transferred to a magical land called the maternity ward, where complete strangers will help take care of your baby.  They give the first bath, change diapers, watch your little bundle of joy while you sleep, bring you food and give you a foot massage (I wish).  The maternity ward can be a peaceful oasis before you head off to your home and the excitement of bringing home a new baby.  While you are there, consider two steps to make your time in the Maternity Ward as calm as possible and help you get off on the right foot with your baby.

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Gear Down Before Baby (aka What Baby Gear You Need)

Gear Down Before Baby (aka What Baby Gear You Need)

As your delivery date edges closer and closer, you might notice your baby’s room or possibly your house slowly filling up with baby-related items.  Between the crib, changing table, dresser, stroller, portable crib, high chair, swing, bassinet, and the small mountain of clothes, it can get pretty cramped very quickly.  It’s all useful, but is it all “use-now”?  In most cases, there are simple, organizing techniques that will help you neaten up and gear down and turn your nursery from pig pen to baby zen.

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As a pediatrician and mother of three, I know that staying organized is the key to staying sane. baby daze is a cleverly-designed, practical guide for tracking all of the little details that would otherwise spill out of a busy, new parent’s sleep-deprived brain. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Carolyn Hiltebeitel

baby daze has been a lifesaver! our baby nurse thought it was one of the best things she’d ever seen. It helped keep some very critical information organized when the rest of our life was turned entirely upside down.

Sam's Dad